Dear Visitor,

Let me introduce our treatment the Horus Massage Method, which aims at a more complete and less painful life and recreation.
The depletion of the energy resources of our body and the loss of the balance of the static and skeletal muscles can cause a lot of pains, diseases of the internal organs, articular diseases and deformation of the spinal column.

By recreation we mean the period of leisure time when instead of concentrating on our job and situations causing a lot of stress we focus on the recovery and maintenance of our good health, regeneration of our energy and the exploration of the causes of our diseases. The ways for recreation can mostly be different kinds of leisure time sport activities, massage therapies and wellness programmes

Let us offer you from the variety of these activities our massage therapies based on the techniques of the Japanese meridian massage called Yumeiho complemented by Tibetan and Thai elements, using the knowledge of the Western Medicine and the possibilities given by the experience of the ancient Eastern techniques.

Szabolcs Kuti
Horus Massage Trainer